Technology Copywriting

At its essence, the purpose of any technology is to improve people's lives. Yet tech companies are often so laser-focused on how their solution works, that they have difficulty looking at it from an outside perspective and communicating its true value to potential customers.

I channel my experience in communicating complex social challenges through easy-to-understand narratives when working with technology companies to synthesize the many features and details of their products into memorable takeaway messages. With technology copywriting, our goal is to hook the reader and spark their curiosity to learn more.

Together, we'll determine which product benefits will excite your target customers and I'll write copy that speaks directly to the hopes, concerns, and ambitions of those individuals. Your technology may be complicated, but your copy should be simple.

Tools for communicating your value

  • Compelling website copy

  • Product brochures

  • Case Studies

  • success stories

  • Newsletters

  • eBooks

  • Landing page copy

  • White papers

  • Explainer Video copy

  • Articles & blog posts

Ready to translate your tech-speak?

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Hi, I'm Lisa. What's your name?