Professional writing for nonprofits

The greatest tool your nonprofit has to win hearts and minds (and along with them, dollars) is your story. Donors don't invest in programs; they invest in people. By telling the story of your nonprofit's impact on the lives of those you serve, you forge person-to-person connections that win you loyal supporters and champions of your work. 

Not only do you want to increase your organization's visibility and funding, you want to be seen as a thought leader. By focusing on your target audience, I craft narratives that position your nonprofit as an influencer and go-to resource for insights in your field.

I understand the limited bandwidth and resources that every nonprofit must consider when planning for communications. After learning about your objectives, we can discuss how to work within your budget to produce storytelling products with the highest return on your investment.

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Hi, I'm Lisa. What's your name? *
Hi, I'm Lisa. What's your name?

Tools for telling your nonprofit's story

  • Compelling website copy

  • Annual reports & publications

  • Articles & blog posts

  • Program brochures

  • Funding proposals & fundraising letters

  • Newsletters

  • eBooks & thematic special reports

  • Social media campaigns

  • Landing page copy for Google Ad Grants

  • White papers

  • Video copy

  • Fundraising event invitations & collateral