What do nonprofits, tech companies, and social impact brands have in common?

A lot, it turns out. As a tech-savvy digital communications professional at a leading international development agency, I learned how to tell stories that inspire, engage, and connect people. Stories that bypass technical jargon rampant in the development world and cut straight to the point, leaving the reader with a clear takeaway and lasting image.

When I put my skills to work as a professional writer and communications consultant, I noticed a gap in the market. Technology companies—well-versed in tech-speak with innovative products—needed help writing copy that connects with hearts and minds. It occurred to me that today's most successful tech products are at their core, solutions that help people live more balanced, healthy, and connected lives.

It was this realization that defined my niche in the writing world. I take complex ideas and develop a narrative that paints a clear picture in the mind of readers. I work with clients who believe in social progress, whether that's through a custom business automation system that increases the safety of New York's transit system, or an initiative that encourages individuals living with disabilities to create and sell their own artwork. If you work to makes lives better, I can help you tell your story.

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