my mantra is

Be the consultant I always wished I could find.

When you hire a professional writer, you're looking to fill a gap. Whether that's a skills gap, time and bandwidth gap, or both, you want to bring someone on board who can get up to speed quickly and deliver stunning finished products that drive measurable results.

Consulting is also about relationships. You want to work with someone who is enjoyable to collaborate with, who becomes a trusted teammate and champion of your work. I prioritize clear and timely communications, invest time upfront to gain important insights about your work, and offer guidance that takes into account the resources and limitations of your organization.

When you hire me to produce copy, there are several steps I take before ever typing a word. This approach saves time and ensures that our end product is responsive to your brand's current needs and vision for the future.

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Listen & Learn

You know your organization and objectives best. The first step in my process is an insight gathering consultation to gain clarity on what makes your work unique and how we can leverage your assets to shape your story.

For nonprofits, we'll evaluate your primary audience, whether that's potential partners, individual donors, volunteers, or participants.

To dive deeper, I'll review existing program descriptions and reports, beneficiary interviews, and both internal and external data.

For businesses, we'll discuss your marketing objectives, competitors, and most importantly, your customers. Who are they? What do they want? What reservations might they have about choosing your product?

I'll explore how your competitors are positioning similar brands and products to see which strategies are working, and where they are missing the mark.



I begin by looking for patterns and connections. Is your desired approach vastly different from the way you've framed your work before, or do we simply need to adjust the tone and improve the call to action?

Through this process, I often uncover elements of your work that define and differentiate your brand. This is the value of an informed outside perspective.

We'll discuss the voice, big picture narrative, and key messages your audience should take away from the products we're developing.

I'll create an outline for the content that reflects the strategy we've agreed will work best. Now we're ready for the exciting part: seeing your story come to life on the page!


Write & Review

I am passionate about unlocking the words and phrases that will resonate most deeply with your target audience. 

I utilize a storytelling approach that captures readers' attention and leads them deeper into your content to learn more. I am detail-oriented, ensuring that each section is clear and compelling, while also mindful of the sum of the parts--the overall tone, voice, and imagery that the writing evokes.

After conducting the first round of revisions and polish, I'll send you the draft and invite feedback.

The most common feedback I receive is a request to refine a statement based on the organization or company's preferred language, or to further emphasize a point that is significant to them. These nuances are what I seek out in the listening stage. I love working with long-term clients because I can master these nuances and truly write through their voice at the start of each new project.